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DropDown not showing


I am new with PHP and specialy with CodeIgniter, but I have to develop a web interface to do a query in a database and show the results to the user.

Right now I am trying to use the form_dropdown from the form_helper. I searched a bit in this forum and founded something useful for me now, but I am not getting it to work properly. The dropdown list is from a query in the database. But the form is not showing up. Can someone give me a help?

Right below is the View code:
$values = $this->db
$options = array();

foreach($values as $value)
  $options[$value['TIPO_ELEMENTO']] = $value['TIPO_ELEMENTO'];
return $options;  

echo form_dropdown('TesteTipo',$options,null);

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Post your original code and html output.
Print your array returned from your query.


With the help of a friend, I managed to solve it. Below are the codes:


foreach($TipoElemento as $TipoElemento1)
$ListaDropTipoElemento[$TipoElemento1] = $TipoElemento1;
foreach($Data as $Data1)
$ListaDropData[$Data1] = $Data1;
foreach($NomeElemento as $NomeElemento1)
$ListaDropNomeElemento[$NomeElemento1] = $NomeElemento1;

echo form_open('teste');
echo form_dropdown('TesteData',$ListaDropData,null);
echo form_dropdown('TesteTipoElemento',$ListaDropTipoElemento,null);
echo form_dropdown('TesteNomeElemento',$ListaDropNomeElemento,null);
echo form_close();

HTML Output:

<!DOCTYPE html>
&lt;html lang="en"&gt;

<h1>Welcome to CodeIgniter!</h1>

<div id="container">
&lt;form action="localhost/index.php/teste" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8"&gt;&lt;select name="TesteData">
<option value="2012-02-17">2012-02-17</option>
<option value="2012-02-24">2012-02-24</option>
</select><select name="TesteTipoElemento">
<option value="HLR">HLR</option>
<option value="MSC">MSC</option>
</select><select name="TesteNomeElemento">
<option value="HRJO02">HRJO02</option>
<option value="HRJO01">HRJO01</option>

<option value="HBHE01">HBHE01</option>
<option value="HRJO03">HRJO03</option>
<option value="HSPO02">HSPO02</option>
<option value="HSNE03">HSNE03</option>
<option value="HSPO03">HSPO03</option>
<option value="HSPO04">HSPO04</option>
<option value="HSNE02">HSNE02</option>
<option value="HSPO01">HSPO01</option>
<option value="HSNE01">HSNE01</option>

<div id="container">
<div id="container">


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