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example request

Hi all.
I was wondering if anybody could point me to a good example of a basic website with header, main menu, sidebar menu, footer and content, with source code available.. powered by CI of course Smile
This would really help me out a lot, since I want to get started on a website where at the end power users will be able to change content with built-in editor and a blog page.

Thanks a million in advance!

Like wp?

Try Piro cms, think thats how you spell it anyway

[quote author="ppwalks" date="1331052582"]Try Piro cms, think thats how you spell it anyway[/quote]


Thanks a lot for your suggestions!
But I think that, before I start messing with cms systems, I would like to know the basics on how to make a very simple website, static content, header, menubar, sidemenu bar with content depending on choice of main menu and footer.
I googled a lot and I find some examples here and there but they mainly focus on 1 aspect, while I would like to get a grasp of howto create the basics on my own.

Thanks for understanding and patience with me Smile

I have a cl website made with some static elements, email me [email protected] and I'll strip out my data and leave a bare shell for you to work through if this would help at all, it has a login and news feed dynamically set from admin panel, pretty simple template that I use for quick jobs..

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