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[Decision help] Which auth library to use for community site?

Hey everyone,

I'm about to create a small (or maybe it will develop into a medium) sized community. Basically, I want users be able to register to the site and get their own profile. They should be hidden from the public, so only registered users can see the profiles and some more pages that will follow later.

- can register/login/logout (resend password and all that administrative stuff too)
- see other pages when they're logged in
- linking a user to a self-made profile

I also want to classify the users into:
- normal users
- superusers
- administrators
where the administrators have full access to every page, while the superusers only have access to some parts of the backend, and the normal users have no access to the backend.

I've searched on any auth libraries and did find some but I'm not entirely sure if any of these have all the features I need. I'd absolutely appreciate it if you can give me any tips or hints which auth library is the best to use, or if there are any other helpful libraries out there. Thank you! Smile

To me most are not very user friendly.

I usally write my own but I have found that the older Auth 1.0.6 and the new AG Auth are easy to work with and modify for your own needs.

Auth 1.0.6 was built with a simple backend admin panel that you could modify, I am not sure but I think Adam has taken it down now. I did modify it to work with the new CodeIgniter.

These libraries were written by Adam Griffiths.

[quote author="wolfsheart" date="1336081687"]...I've searched on any auth libraries and did find some but I'm not entirely sure if any of these have all the features I need. ...[/quote]

I'm not sure if you are going to find what you are looking for without making some customizations. Even my Community Auth, which has most everything you are saying you need, would require some customization for any real world application. I think its fine to use somebody else's auth, but I really have to use my own. I need to know that I know how everything is working, because when a customer asks for a custom feature, it's really a pain if you don't have intimate knowledge of the code. This isn't a good option though if you don't know much about php security.

Thank you for your input! I already guessed there's no complete library for me that I can use out of the box. I'm not much of a PHP security expert, so I'd like to have an auth library which does the basic things for me. If it's easy to customise, has a good documentation and even support, the better. Smile I'm not worried about customising it, but I don't want to code the basic functionality myself. I'm usually a Python/Django coder and Django already offers all the authentication functionality out of the box. Wink

So, I'm going to try AG Auth and Community Auth this weekend to see which one fits my needs better.

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