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Autoload and retaining property data

I have created a model which handles all user login, validation, and authentication operations of my system.

On load it runs two methods _initialize() and _run() which either process an authenticate request, reads a stored session user_id from the session object, or processes a "remember me" type cookie and loads that information. Once it has this data, it fires a method called _get_user_data() which both loads user data into properties in the user model as well as into the session.

Upon completion of the initialization and run, the properties are there, but, for example in my controllers, the properties are all blank.

Is this instance of the model persistant throughout script execution or does each controller load a new instance of this model?

Please let me know if I have been unclear in any of my explanations.

[eluser]Chathuranga Tennakoon[/eluser]
can you please post the your code as well? then i will be easy to understand what you are saying....

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