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code igniter and 50.000 uniques / day

Is CI suitable for website that could reach 50.000 unique visits/day ?

that would depend on the server that it is run on ultimately

CI is one of the lightest frameworks available, so it loads a minimum of code before it actually gets to work, and if you make the effort to code things well you can make sure that a minimum of code is loaded at all time.
for example i developed an app in CakePHP (another framework) and then again in CodeIgniter. The Cake app used 5M of memory to display a page compared to CI using only 1.5M
This means my CI app should be able to handle 3 times the load of the Cake app.
But I am sure that if I did not use a framework at all, but code each page as a stand alone PHP script I could get the memory usage down to very small, maybe as low as 0.5M, but then it defeats the purposes of using a framework

As I stated to begin with it ultimately comes down to the server.
If your server has limited memory or CPU, or is a shared server that is oversold then no matter what you do you might not be able to handle the load you want.
If your server is a decent dedicated server then you should be able to handle that load or more easily.

but of course what is a "decent" server spec... I leave that up to you to decide.

Some very interesting stats you show there tonanbarbarian with the comparison to CakePHP, I was just actually today using the Benchmarking class to test how much memory was being used and the loading time. The memory usuage was also around 1.5mb for a search results page.

But as said its all up to the server specs, but with a light framework like CI in place it certainly allows for a good starting point for a high traffic website.

[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
I have one of sites which goes to that limit and I do not even have caching enabled on it. CI seems to work perfectly due to its light weight core and libraries. Other frameworks might give you more but then they expect more too. I have my sites on a dedicated dual core XEON with 2GB Ram.

I think its just the matter of optimizations in coding standards that makes it work.

CI Rocks !!!

Good Day !!!

thank you for all the answers.

[eluser]Peter Ivanov[/eluser]
Hey if you use the cache system, you can handle much more than 50.000 unique visits/day

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