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Upload class and PHP 4.4.7 .. simply doesnt work

Hi, my PHP version is 4.4.7...

It really doesnt uploads ANYthing...

I still want ignite this, so I ask for senior programmers what I could change for uploading files in PHP 4.4.7...

can you write upload code that works that is not part of CI?
what I am getting at is is your PHP configured to allow file uploads
when using CI is there any error messages?
have you turned on debugging to determine where the problem is?

I wrote a function as helper, that makes similar rename action like Upload class...

function enviar ($path, $field)
    $nomeImg = $_FILES[$field]['name'];
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$field]['tmp_name'], $path. $nomeImg);
    if (substr_count($nomeImg, ' ') > 0)
        $nomeImg = str_replace(' ', '', $nomeImg);
        rename($path. $_FILES[$field]['name'], $path. $nomeImg);


[eluser]Peter Ivanov[/eluser]
Do you use enctype="multipart/form-data" in you <form>

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Hi Rubiz. Any progress? Have you tried any of the suggestions above or in the bug thread that Derek provided?

Ok sorry, I didnt... how can I see this thread?
I'm having problemas with upload class again, in another site, with another PHP version, 5.2.4 .

I took the files in Upload class user guide exemple and created a folder ./uploads/ in folder root...

And it doesnt works... Sad

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
The thread was http://codeigniter.com/bug_tracker/bug/3216/.

Since I've verified that uploads work in 5.2, I'm going to mark your bug as "not a bug" for now, but if we learn anything further I'll be happy to reopen it.

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