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base url problem

i had my base url set
$config['base_url']    = "/";
and everything worked. now i wanted to add the whole domain so that the whole domain would show up in the activation email. but when i add the whole domain the images and everything else doent work. im using FreakAuth light so everything is pretty much set up already. can someone tell me y its doin this?

[eluser]Craig A Rodway[/eluser]
Where are your images stored?

Make sure that when you add the full domain that you include the base directory that your application is in (if any) and the trailing slash.

the images are stored in /public/frontend/images

what do you mean add the base directory?

[eluser]Craig A Rodway[/eluser]
What did you change this to when your images weren't working?

If you gave us a bit more information such as your directory structure, it would help us answer your question.

EDIT: nvm i managed to do what i wanted to do thx for you help!

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