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Login validation with jQuery remote

This if your comparing client side validation when submitting the form as a whole, then I agree you would get the exact same message with hardly any noticeable speed difference. The way I see it is why wait to the end of form to validate these errors? If a user has entered wrong information why not respond straight away? Why should a user have to submit the whole form to be told that the username is in use or there date of birth is incorrect.

If a user is required to fill out a lengthy form or a form over several parts, I think quicker error responses is much better, then for the user to submit the form as a whole to get validation feedback.

The most important thing if budget and time will allow is to give the user the best experience possible, I think most users would agree that instant errors after each input is better then all at once, but hey I never done a survey so I could be wrong........

Generally users also do get used to a standard on the web, if a lot of the major sites work a certain way, users then look to see the same functionality on other sites. JQuery plugin makes client side validation such a quick process to add and HTML5 has introduced some basic validation techniques. The basic principle of JavaScript has always been to enhance the user experience........

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