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Phil Sturgeon's Template Library explained on an example + its usage with Wiredesignz's HMVC

I need to ask a complete beginner's question. I'd like to make use of Phil's Template Library. But although he's made some quite extensive documentation, I simply can't figure out how it all works.. In his documentation Phil presumes that the reader is aware of meaning of basic terms as "Theme", "Template", "Layout" and difference between them. In the usage examples, Phil is giving pieces of code presuming that the reader will know where to put them and make it work all together. I'm a dumbass, I admit. But is there anyone kind enough to present me with a simple everyday use example of this library in action? Or at least refer to a place where such examples can be found?

Further on, since I couldn't figure out the Template Library, I didn't even try this, but I'd like ot know if there are any specific restrictions on using this library together with Wiredesignz's HMVC? Should anything be modified or can them two work at all in the same project?

Okay, apologies for a vague question from the previous post. It took me less than a day to figure it all out. Wasn't easy but wasn't too bad either. I've got everything working except breadcrumbs and themes. How on Earth do those two work? What files should go in /themes folder? Any hint is much appreciated.

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