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Codeigniter View to PDF

I have used DOMpdf, mpdf, tcpdf and is not succeeded with the output.

I am putting here everything I have tried, including HTML.


Direct View File: http://jsfiddle.net/QdhdW/

DOMpdf and mPDF Output: https://www.box.com/s/f7cb2283d196db530702


DOM pdf :

Bad looking CSS (and not exact as per required)
leaves 6-7 page
brakes in pdf the records are out of page then doesn't come to next page

mPDF :

makes output as small as possible, so that all records are covered in one page. (doesn't good as it is for A4 Page)
The Borders between each rows. (in HTML there is no borders between the rows.)

I don't mind using any pdf generator library and even if we change CSS or make CSS inline, doesn't matter. The thing is I am seeking the PDF output same as displayed in view File.

Please Help me, to figure it out. Struggling since yesterday.


[eluser]Brad Martin[/eluser]
I ran into a very similar problem about a year ago with dompdf.

It turned out that it was causing errors very similar to this because it didn't have enough memory to render the file.

i increase the memory limit using
ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');
and this seemed to fix my issues.

I think your issues might be the same. Because its look likes it quitting half way thru and that would also be what is making the css styling not work correctly.

Try increasing the limit to see if it fixed it. Altho this is not practical if you plan to distribute whatever your making as an app as each different hosting company has different policies and may not allow you to increase the memory limit.

Hope this helps.

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