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[quote author="Nisha S." date="1341405422"]There are lot of tutorials available if you Google it. You can also use http://formigniter.org for generating model, view and controller code for fast application development. Also you can use http://www.thephpcode.com to generate a codeigniter website.[/quote]

Hello Nisha,

before anything thanks a lot for the reply, I was needing some light after the tunnel, I been checking out the sites you mention and formigniter is just awesome because it really helps me to understand how to create a form the right way on codeigniter, the other one I did not really understand it because the site is kind of confusing but, it seems to be like and automated code, its interesting but, I really want to use tools like formigniter that helps me understand how CI thinks, and if I start using this automated tools then I won't learn anything and I will get lazy and I don't want that.

With Formigniter I can see that helps you develop a form to add records on your DB like for example to my admin to add products on his online store, I am just missing 2 things more to be satisfied some example to read, delete and update those records to finish the CRUD and some kind of tutorial to make a secure login for my admin area.

I know the information is in Google but, I been searching like crazy before asking help here and I did not came accross with any of the sites you mention, because I been searching for tutorials to build the admin cms and there is a lot of info but, most of it is outdates is for CI version 1.7 and with the new version is completely useless that is what I read so far or the other problem is that is too basic so the cms is inserted on an array not on the DB.

So, please is you can help be out I really appreciate because seriously I want to learn whatever it takes.


PD: I been reading about a CI library called "Grocery CRUD", what is it about? What is your opinion of it?

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