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Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

[quote author="Michael Wales" date="1200552473"]How forum to make!?

Plz submits codes![/quote]

*Tee hee*

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
[quote author="mahuti" date="1200556719"]I usually find myself asking a tough question, then answering it myself after trying every possible combination of keystrokes available for the problem at hand until, through evolution, the problem gets solved and I thank myself for solving it.[/quote]

Here is my usual plan of attack:

Search for hours and find nothing.
Post a question on the forums.
5 seconds later find the answer on my own. :coolgrin:

nice to get this topic opened. i'm the third choice, but that wasn't a choice really. i had to rely on myself because i tried asking the forum many times but no replies. guys i need to know: WHEN do you decide not to reply? tell honestly and i won't take it personally!
so another poll could look like:

When the question is too long
When it's very hard question and i don't know
When it's very easy and everybody should know


One thing that gets me at times is the 'When the question is too long'. But the key problem with being too long is not being structured well enough (there is an enter key available for new paragraphs at least!). Formating it up with some bold titles helps with making a question easier to understand.

With the 'When it’s very hard question and i don’t know ' I don't mind because then it starts to make me want to learn so I can answer it Tongue

And the 'When it’s very easy and everybody should know' - usually I try and help where possible but if there is another request from them that could have been solved by looking at the user guide (and you linked to it) then I tend to just leave it.

To be honest I have never seen a community that responds to so many 'small' and common questions and so fast - its great! So I try and contribute back now as well Smile

I read all new posts in RSS, so I usually flick through and if I see a post that is something really simple I assume someone has answered it. If it's a more complex request with a good explanation of the problem I will take a look at the post and if a solution (or a good solution at least) hasn't been made, I'll open up my prototyping environment and see if I can put something together.

If I have plenty of time on my hands (I'm just surfing around to kill the time), I'll try and make a contribution to most posts unless the problem's been solved.

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