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draggable-droppables for hundreds of items (scriptaculous is too slow)

[quote author="ucantblamem" date="1200559017"]Hi Andrew. I haven't benchmarked different libraries with this technique so I couldn't really answer your exact question. But, what about trying to paginate the list? Although I don't know your application I would think that a list of over a hundred items would be somewhat daunting to the user... Perhaps AJAX can grab just 25 items at a time and display next/previous links???[/quote]

Oh yup thank you it's a good idea, if it were my choice i would definitely do something like that! Unfortunately it's a something the the client wants, so unless it's not possible i think i'll have to do it, ack.

So far this mootools example is the best i've found: sortables
I'm not sure if it will scale but it looks promising.

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draggable-droppables for hundreds of items (scriptaculous is too slow) - by El Forum - 01-16-2008, 09:07 PM

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