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What is the must recomendable templte system for a serious project.


I'm starting a couple of serius projects in the sense that they will need be maitenance for years and are from medium to big size. I want know what is the most stable, maitained and features rich template system that CI comunity use in projects like these.


To tell you the truth.
CodeIgniter has built in Templating Engine.
Even PHP is already a templating engine.

But if you wanted a 3rd party templating engine you can try SMARTY.

Thanks for the quick reply.

My projects need organize presentation files using a kind of layout system that can lead to easy reutilization etc. I think that was a mistake put in the subject the word "template" instead the word "layout".

Thanks again.

For Layout I use Dreamweaver and hand coded CSS.

Hand Code CSS I guess is enough but Dreamweaver is very helpful for me.

I'm on Ubuntu Wink What about a layout system like what ZendFramework has?

Thanks again for your help

You can try these,


I tried Zend Framework before.
But the thing that turned off me is they don't give FREEDOM. Wink

They sell you stuffs.

What I'm really finding is this kind of thing:


But the info I can't determine is what is the most robust-statble-freature rich of all other options that exist over there.


All I can say Templating Engine is for noob.
Sorry I don't want to offend you.
But that's natural, Once you understand how CodeIgniter operate and manage its layout.
You don't need any Templating Engine anymore.

I suggest you read the whole Documentation regarding VIEWS.
And practice it, that's the only way to MASTER it. Wink

I tried a lot of the template libraries mentioned in @frankabel's link, but I'm stuck with @philsturgeon's template library (though I'm not using it to fullest extend i.e. I'm not making use of themes).

However, I'm very often thinking about creating my own template library which will also include an asset manager. So you see, I never was fully satisfied with the libraries available but they are sufficient for big projects.

And by the way: Phil's library is used on PyroCMS, so it must be rather good since PyroCMS is a rather awesome CI-based CMS Wink


Someday I will try to learn and reverse engineer PyroCMS so that I can catch-up Phil Sturgeon skills.
At the moment I don't see the need of using a template engine.

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