Code Suggestions?

As I'm a lone developer and have no one else to bounce ideas off, I'm posting this here to see what other's thoughts on this might be.

Earlier this year the company I work for did a community initiative/website to help people get into better shape (think Biggest Loser for a town). What I had to build was a login interface, a way to track weight and steps. Fairly simple. As I built it I of course found ways that I'd like to improve upon the next iteration which I was lead to believe would be 2013. Well that's not the case. It's coming up by mid November. There are a few changes being requested, that are not really that big, but with what I want to do and they want to do, it does add up to a fairly large change. The kicker in this is that at the end of version 1 they told the community they could continue to use the site. So they (the designers and organizers) solution to the upcoming re-launch of this initiative is to copy things over to a new site and then copy again in early January when they begin the 2013 campaign. I instantly cringed at the idea of maintaining 3 different code bases that do 3 different things with possibly 3 different login accounts.

So what I'm looking for advice on is how to move forward with this without building three different applications or at least have a plan to combine into 1 in the end. The biggest thing that I want to change is to move towards using Ion_auth, or another authorization type of system rather than my hacked together thing.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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