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Passing $params to a spark?

I'm loading sparks into PyroCMS, a CMS built onto CI (not that this matters).

So far, simple sparks have been a doddle and all went well.

Now I'm using some sparks from jimdoescode, I'd hit a problem as $params need to get passed.

All his instructions (for example http://getsparks.org/packages/dropbox/ve.../HEAD/show) say:

Quote:...load the library like this:
$this->load->library('dropbox', $params);

You can also use this library with Sparks. Simply install using sparks then call.

If I use
then of course, I get
Call to a member function get_request_token() on a non-object ...
as the $params (which is an array of credential) aren't getting passed.

If I try
$this->load->spark('dropbox/1.2.2', $params);
Could not autoload object of type 'key' (xxxx ...
because it seems you can't pass $params like that.

Been through the spark docs too, and unless I'm missing something, I don't see how I'd do this. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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