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OPMS - Website Development Mangement Software

[eluser]Tom Glover[/eluser]
We (@ WackyWebs.net) have created a project management software, which will allows us to interact with our clients more easily. OPMS is hopefully our answer to the lack of communication our clients give us during the development of there site.

The software aims to allow the user to update and manage the personal details and the project details. it also allows them to access there software or site during development.

For more information(edit) in latter posts.

Comments are greatly appreciated.

Maybe just build kind of screencast or something to let us see what are you talking about first.

At the moment from what i see this thread seem a little bit "spam".

good luck.

[eluser]Tom Glover[/eluser]
Sorry If you thought the this post is a spam but I cannot copy the whole web page/text into here so I linked it. Hear is the copied text:

Quote:Our Project Management Software smartly named "OPMS" is one of the many ways we can keep in contact with you. The software allows you to update all of your project details, see the projects current status, approve artwork and stage of the build, access demo and testing versions of your software or site, and finally pay for your project. All these tools can be accessed by a simple login which is issued when we have accepted your brief.

The Software
OPMS is built on the CodeIgniter PHP framework and is driven by MySQL Databases. OPMS was built with Speed, Ease of use and Security in-mind. These three things are achieved through a clean design, one project access and optimized code. It has been thoroughly tested by users with up-to 100 projects per account.

With security in-mind in the development of this software we created a one project access system. This is were a project can only be accessed by a certain user. This stops clients accessing each others projects and editing critical data which business are relying on our security. All payment and bank information is handled by our trusted partner, PayPal, we do no see any of your financial information.

Any questions on this software and how to obtain a demo account please contact sales.

Yea yea i've read that, this is not to be rude this is just because you ask what we think of, but we don't see nothing, little bit hard to make you comment, we have to contact the sales first Wink

From what i could see atm, your system look like any other project collaboration system who help us to keep contact, schedule, task information.

Able to create an account for Ci community member who want to give a look ?

good luck !

[eluser]Tom Glover[/eluser]
Thanks for the current feedback but I cannot create a CI account yet because of its stage in development, but as soon as it posible I will. Also I will list a detailed feature list bellow later. This should help you see what we are trying to make.

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