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PyroCMS vs WordPress?

Honestly, there is a lot to say about this topic, and I'll start by saying that WordPress isn't always the best option. Here are three reasons why I think that is true:

1. WordPress is a giant spam target. If you use WordPress, be prepared to moderate spam comments, even if you use a service like Akisment. I've seen WordPress sites turn multiple spam comments every minute, which just means you'll have to maintenance that stream of comments often.

2. WordPress plugins and themes can contain anything, often leading to poor site performance and load-times. A Google search for "gzinflate wordpress theme" is a little scary.

3. WordPress is a (blogging) content management system trying to pose as a web application framework. The only problem is that WordPress isn't, at heart, a framework. For the developer, it is at most a few libraries and a mound of functions. While it is fairly easy to extend WordPress, developers don't, in contrast with PyroCMS, have a sound foundation of re-usable code available to use in extensions (plugins).

PyroCMS it often a better choice for me, when compared to WordPress, and here's why:

1. It has a shorter development and design time-frame than WordPress. Often, with the help of the excellent online documentation for PyroCMS, I can build a site in Pyro much faster than I can in WordPress. The WordPress Loop doesn't have to kill me.

2. PyroCMS and all of it's add-ons (plugins, etc.) are built using the same pattern (MVC) instead of blobs of procedural PHP. With the strength of CodeIgniter, this makes modifying, creating, and maintaining add-ons to the system much easier. Also, add-ons to PyroCMS are tested and approved by the core team of project developers, ensuring they are secure and have good performance.

3. All of the same end-user abilities found in WordPress (content editing, blogging, RSS feeds, etc.) are also found in PyroCMS.

So, with that, if you are interested in moving a site from WordPress to PyroCMS, you can use this module to make that happen: https://www.pyrocms.com/store/details/wordpress_import

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