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Cjax and PHP 5.4


I am using codeigniter 2.1.2 and Bootstrap.

I just found Cjax and as far as I understand it is not compatible with php 5.4.

My worry is, what will happen if my host upgragdes to php 5.4?

My code won't work anymore?

Thank you.

php5.4 is still new in the scene, but it is expected that we produce a php5.4 release at some point in the near future.

How soon?

What is broken under 5.4?


The php 5.4 version of Cjax is done, so by next release php 5.4 should be fully supported.

Hi, i just installed the latest version of CJAX (AJAXFW_4CI_5.4) and I'm getting the error that PHP 5.4 is (still) unsupported.

I'm a little surprised to see you say PHP 5.4 is new on the scene as even by your post date in April, 5.4 was over a year old. I've had the default install of php from aptitude in debian on my dev box for months and it came with 5.4.

I haven't looked but I'm curious to know what is so different in 5.4 as to break compatibility? Can you tell me what the issues are, i may be able to go through your code and upgrade it myself. I have a strong urge to simply remove that restriction conditional and see what explodes but I'm expecting the incompatibilities to be more esoteric and only show themselves in certain situations.


UPDATE: I removed the restriction in ajaxfw.php but now every ajax controller I try to call just returns a blank page. I never had this working so I'm not sure if its the compatibility issue or just a misconfiguration on my end. Oh well, I guess I have to wait for a response.

If you would like to upgrade it yourself, you can get the latest files from the git repository: https://github.com/ajaxboy/cjax

Mostly what you will need to update is the cjax/core/classes/ files, specifically core.class.php, though since there is no official release, I can't guarantee there won't be any issues, I fully test everything before each release.

Also make sure you meet the minimum requirements of strict standards off, and just to be sure make sure you turn on error display, shall you come across any errors, would be useful.

Will do, I appreciate it Smile

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