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Sessions - How to manage multiple page tabs or limit to one instance.

My website works great in testing apart from when someone opens a second pagetab while the first is still open, this overwrites the session data to point to the latest page and therefore corrupts the first page should they go back to its tab.
Is there a way of controlling my sessions so that they know when a second tab has been opened and write session data to that instead of to the first tab. Or is there a way to stop people from opening extra tabs.
I am all googled out from searching the web to find an answer so if anyone can point me in the right direction or a tutorial on this subject I would be truly grateful.

Hmmm ok I guess if the variable I need for every page is going to get corrupted by later instances if someone opens another tab then I should remove it from the session and make it either a hidden variable passed around or have it in the url. That way it will be for that instance only.

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