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CI 4.0 suggestion forum?

I've just returned to CI from a stint with Laravel, and am very happy to see CI back on track.

I'd like to suggest creating a CI 4.0 forum. Since CI 3 is nearing release, wouldn't it be an appropriate time to start looking further down the road and have proposals/suggestions for CI4, and start a discussion around it?

My personal feeling is 3.0 need to be out and done with - then skip any further 3 development (except bugfixes), and quickly move towards a 4.0. The simple reason being CI needs invigoration, and to move a bit more forward, and the 4.x would signify this.

CI 3 isn't even "new" in the sense its been 95% done for years now, and quite a few (including myself) have been using it for a couple years.

Just my 2 cents.

(and my its nice to be back in a lean framework instead of the Disneyland that is Laravel)... Smile

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I like this idea.  Some early feedback on the direction of CI after 3.0 would be good for both the active developers and the end users (we who code for a living).

I note the number of posts which request in addition of features which are a part of other Dev. Frameworks.  I'm generally not in favor of adding new utilities just because someone else does it.  This leads to framework bloat.  Just look at the size and complexity of some other frameworks (names not necessary, you know who they are).

With that caviat in mind, I would like to see the question of the singleton restriction addressed by those who have run into it.  If I am correct, we can expect to have Namespace access in some future  version, but this isn't being addressed in enough detail.  Adding a new section, "CI 4.0" or whatever, would give a forum for these discussions.
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I suggest to use static functions and variables. Like this CI::$config['base_url'].
Caching with database.

The best way to go with CI 4.0 is to make it a minimal framework from the get go.

I don't use 90% of the features that are loaded with CI. It's also not as fast as some people claim it to be. It's actually a slow and bloated framework.

What should happen, is that like twitter bootstrap, you can add in modules for the framework. So if you want particular helpers, or libraries, you select what you want and then dowload them. Also have a repo that allows other members of the community to make 3rd party plugins, like auth, scrapers, or whatever else is highly requested.

So in the end, you can either have a fully bloated framework with all the extras or have something very minimal and fast.

I know this wont happen, but hey.....

Slow and bloated? Haha! That's a good one!  Big Grin

Why would you want separate downloadable modules! The stuff you don't use is not loaded (not like JS and CSS from Bootstrap). You can delete those files if you really don't want them. But what benefit will you get if you do that? That's non-sense!

If we start dropping libraries and helpers just to make it more light weight, we going to have problems getting libraries and helper functions back.

The CodeIgniter community is already struggling to add libraries to CodeIgniter.  There is a good reason why people want to add libraries to CodeIgniter, as it makes it much more manageable, rather than having libraries all over git hub.    

(12-25-2014, 04:30 PM)includebeer Wrote: Slow and bloated? Haha! That's a good one!  Big Grin

It is actually.  I'll lazily link to an article:


I had a requirement for tens of millions of requests a day with a page that could not be cached by varnish.  Codeigniter was very slow.  After I took slim framework and forked it to my requirements.  It flew under the load.

I know this is probably hard to read for some.   Cool

But the right tools for the right job!

I don't say nothing is faster than CI, but to say it's slow and bloated is exagerated! It's in the top 5 of your article and faster than all major framework.

The council needs to determine a strategy and process for moving forward, be it for CI 3.1, CI4 or Ci73.45.
Once we have figured that out, we will open new subforums as appropriate Smile

Opening up a CI4 forum before then would be throwing gasoline on the fire!
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In the article no1youknowz links to (which is from Apr 23, 2013 BTW) the blogger provides his reference "techempower"

On there site they have more up to date tests (Round 9 2014-05-01) this of course would probably include many of today's frameworks


That's a pretty cool resource to mess around with!

What is really interesting is comparing a number of frameworks from there 2013-10-31 Round 7 results to there 2014-05-01 Round 9 results

Some of them "really put on the weight"

All I can say is it can't hurt to mess around with the data and make your own decision.

I wasn't able to find memory requirements but that would be a nice thing to see. (if any one finds it let me know!)

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