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1.6 Default Route

I'm thinking this really is a server/PATH_INFO issue. After a fresh install of 1.6.1 and just copying over my application directory, it works fine on one server (Apache/2.2.8 PHP/5.2.5). I was having this issue on another server (Apache/2.0.52 and PHP/4.3.9). I hate to invest any more time on the issue after finding a patch. Maybe someone with more server or CI knowledge can comment.

I've just been having the same problem as you guys.

fixed by changing $config['uri_protocol'] from "auto" to "PATH_INFO"

you may need to try some of the other options available, but this approach should fix the problem.

@Tobz and anyone else having (or had) issues: I'm interested in your server configuration if you can post it (I just updated mine in Post #10). I tried all the protocols without complete success... some full paths were ok while others were flaky, especially the default controller. I put a bit of effort into tracking it down like I mentioned in Post #9. I still think it's a certain server/php version configuration issue.

The server I had the problem with was on a Media Temple grid server with default config.
I've had it before, but I think it was on the same server.

hope that helps

Just for reference if anyone is digging deeper, I think Tobz's Media Temple (gs) grid service server configuration would be at PHP 4.4.7 or PHP 5.2.2 and Apache 2.0.54. So, it may have been an Apache PATH_INFO issue since I had problems on Apache 2.0.52.

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