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Ajax star rating bar

I have used this Ajax Star Rating.It runs properly on my localhost but cant work on live.I am using hosting of Go-dady server.For working in CI,I can use this option only on the server -
$config['uri_protocol']    = "REQUEST_URI"
in config file. When i use
$config['uri_protocol']    = "PATH_INFO"
for Ajax rating,then it causes 404 error due to which CI doesn't work.I have also tried other uri protocols like- QUERY_STRING,ORIG_PATH_INFO,AUTO on this server.But all of them are not supporting to run CI.
Then i tried this ajax Rating on other server, where it runs properly.I can use
$config['uri_protocol']    = "PATH_INFO"
, on that server for running CI.
Can anybody suggest how to use both the uri protocols together or some other solution so that I can run Code Igniter as well as Ajax Rating on Server.

This is one solution.
htaccess for PHP-CGI hosting (and use segments with query strings)

I just worked through this and had a few hang-ups along the way. In hopes of helping others ease into a star rating system I have compiled this along with documentation. Hope others find it useful. Download the package HERE Thanks to all the original contributors for their fine work.

Thanks lotec and wiredesignz

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first of all thank you for this great work!

i followed all of lotec's instructions, but i got stuck at the demo part.
what i get is:

* Currently 0/10
'.$i.''; } } $i=0; // resets the count; ?>

'.$id.' Rating: '.$rating1.'/'.$units.' ('.$count.' '.$tense.' cast)'; ?>

instead of the rating bars.
this is happening because of the dyanmic_rating.php file.
something over there is not working properly.
any ideas how to solve this?



Thanks Handoyo and Ariel, I just finished converting this into a module for pyrocms and ran into the same issue. To fix, change all opening instances of php short form in dynamic_rating.php from <?= to <?php

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Thanks for your assistance lotec,
but it didn't work for me :-(

I tried replacing the "<?=" as you suggested with "<?php",
tried it again with the "<?php echo",
later i tried replacing the "<?=" before the "for" loop,
and i got:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function site_url() in C:\wamp\www\codonco2\system\libraries\Loader.php(673) : eval()'d code on line 9

i guess something is off at the link statement.
any ideas how to fix it?

thanks again!

Try loading the url helper: $this->load->helper('url'); and update EVERY php start string to <?php

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Works now, thanks a lot!

From where can i download demo files ?

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