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Ajax star rating bar

could the instructions be re-written properly with the latest information please? It's difficult to follow such as "edit rater.js" when rater.js never existed. Is that rating.js? Is this a new file? Where is this file being called from? etc...

EDIT: Feel free to ignore most of what I said underneath here as I managed to get it working except I'm also having the issue of "unlimited loading". It creates the database entry but nothing else.


I had it partially working on page 2 but any mods after that completely messed it up. I'm reverting to the old code and hoping that I can get it to work. My problem is that a database entry is being created but user data isn't being inserted. The rating "test" will be created as a new entry with no values except 5 is the max rating. If i manually add values it will be displayed as text but not as images. In order for the images to display i have to hover on top of it and it'll just show what -i- am hovering over.

jquery is loaded too and the url has a string in the end with all of my information.

Thank you for taking the time to build this script ^^;

Which is image.php file used here?? I am not getting the star images on the page. Please help me.

Hello I am currently having a problem the rating page loads. Images are showing. b but ajax functionality is not working ..the loading gif does not come on. when i click it takes me to another page...index?welcome
I have implemented all the adjustment posted here.. but the error has not been corrected. The url is http://localhost:40/<!--siteurl-->...ry/welcome and when the rating icon is clicked it directs me to http://localhost:40/texchangejan/listing...1&c=10&r=1 which redirects me to welcome page...i removed r=1 and it shows me

Current rating.
66334 Rating: 6.0/10 (1 vote cast) Thanks for voting!

Letme add the site is integrated to pyrocms and listingcategories is a module name(which house the rating files)

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