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In CodeIgniter: changing database driver to 'mysqli' doesn't work!

Any changes you make to the apache or php ini files you need to restart all servers.

I' am running Xampp here but its using php 5.4

Try putting the ; back in front of the mysql driver.

I have restarted them all, no changes. I'm incredibly frustrated. Do you think my php version's the problem?

I looked up on this and it is a php 5.5 issue! Either you can go back to php 5.4 or use this dirty trick below.

// index.php


So it was a problem with PHP 5.5! I download XAMPP with PHP 5.4 and it worked! Thanks a lot, pal. But apache is serving the files way too slowly, it takes minutes to load, and it doesn't even load - Chrome gives me
. How do I fix that?

This depends a lot on what OS you are running Mac Windows etc;

I' am running on Windows 7 Pro here. Xampp needs to be installed in your root directory under drive c:
not in a sub-directory. C:\xampp

I have 3 Browsers installed for testing FireFox Chrome and IE 9, I use Chrome by default.

From the sounds of it sounds like a configuration issue.

if you need files just hookup with me on Skype.

I'm currently on Mac OS X. I figured out a way to speed things up AND give my iPhone access to the localhost. I can see the dark and stormy clouds fly away. I want to thank you immensely for sticking with me and helping me resolve this problem. The help you guys give to beginners is inspiring, keep it up @InsiteFX!

Your very Welcome.

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