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Css and Blank Page Problem on Mobile Devices

Hello fellow developers

I have been in a big trouble with my new responsive design development.

My website is a CMS which is developed with CodeIgniter. Since 2 months we have developed a responsive design and new design for the site. It works well with all devices and screen sizes. If i use PC with normal internet or any device with Wifi all goes smooth. But if I use 3G or 4G on any mobile it turns out to be blank page or CSS doesnt get load. I have to refresh the page a few times so it will display properly.

Blank Page problem: Tried on mobile devices with 3G internet. I have business directory in my site. Which has a link of www.mydomain.com/business

In this page all different businesses showed. Such as solicitors, shops, restaurants etc. When you click on any of the link it goes to www.mydomain.com/business/index/0/15/shops

It works all fine on PC, or devices with Wifi. But devices with 3G loads blank page in 1 second and doesnt even try to load anything.

Here is what i did to solve it which didnt help

*minify all css and js files

*added a new library called cache to stop blank page responses

* I added all links target="_blank" (No luck)

* I added all links rel="external" (No luck)

*deleted all javascripts and css files from the page

And many more things which i dont remember now. Please help me on this issue. I even hired someone to have a look which didnt help. I cant launch my new site with such a bug like this.

CSS loading error:

I again happens on mobile devices with 3G. Main page of the domain loads fine with no problem. But when i try to navigate in the site some pages (sometimes) doesnt load the CSS and page looks very poor and amateur which puts me back.

` of my visitors are mobile and all development to make the site responsive ended up with such 2 bugs. I cant sleep nor i cant find sollution.

Thank you and Regards


[eluser]Tim Brownlaw[/eluser]
What are you using for your "Responsive" Designs CSS,JS?

Something you've created or something off the shelf like bootstrap etc?

Some web designer created the design for what i wanted. And I implement my coding into it.

I just enabled the compress 5 minutes ago and i tried to load the site from my phone a few times. I havent faced the CSS issue since compress enable. I am not sure if compress would harm the site as they say "Do not 'echo' any values with compression enabled."

$config['compress_output'] = TRUE;

Blank page issue continues. It happens with business directory all the time and sometimes with other links too.

Plus i added error reporting (below) to see the blank page problem but no luck. It does not load anything even the title of the page. somehow it refuses to load even to try. Just a blank white page :/

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE);


[eluser]Tim Brownlaw[/eluser]
Try just using this to enable error _reporting

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

It may or may not work depending upon your server settings.

I tried all error logging stuff, also its enabled on my server. All errors and hacking attempts saved in my log file, but i cant see anything there too.

Page refuse to load, no title, no error nothing at all. I added this code to index php as you recommended but no luck :/

So far what i tried showed me that it is not related to Css, js or any page or server issue. My site loads quite fast. Its on VPN. Average load time for this page is 1.9 s and the size is about 1.2 MB.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Please someone help me on this. Is there a way to prevent blank page at all with Codeigniter?

[eluser]Tim Brownlaw[/eluser]
Unfortunately I've not personally come across this issue before.
So All I can really suggest is to see what happens when you go back to basics.

By that I mean if you just have a simple plain ole HTML page, how does that respond on the 3G/4G?

Then work your way back by re-adding the CSS and JS files. By doing that you are simply reducing the amount of Data being sent.
So it's kind of testing the bandwidth/ Data issue and adding the "files" back in starts creeping it back up.

It might also be an issue with your Carrier.

How do other websites fair when you are on 3G / 4G on the device you are using?
It might be some strange caching issue...
Is the site blocked on the 3G/4G network?

Have you tested this on other Devices on different Carriers?
Have others been able to test it out on their own devices and what do they see?

That's about all I can offer you!

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