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Poll: Incorporate Composer?
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[split] Composer?

I agree with dmyers about the libraries and helpers. We all would hate to see a library or helper we depend on being dropped, but many of the libraries I have never even touched. And as dmyers said, they were included for reasons not really associated with the aims of CI, but with what the previous owner wanted to do with CI.

In all honesty, I think we should support the good intentions of those behind CI to do what they think is best, and the community can fill any gaps we think there are with our own versions of dropped libraries or other bits of dropped code. Otherwise CI becomes a bit like a 'we do everything and nothing very well' sort of system.

I would say that things like calendars, carts and even user authentication run on a framework, and IMHO are not part of a framework. But I suppose it depends where you think the line is drawn between where a framework ends and where an application that runs on a framework begins.

As for composer, I do not use it, but I suspect that is because the learning curve is too much for me personally in order to solve a problem that for me does not really exist. I am sure for others composer is a valuable time saving tool, for me, knocking off an hour or two per project is not a real issue given a project is usually hundreds of hours long. But if composer, as a tool, is felt by the CI team to be required for the framework, again I think that is up to them.

Let us imagine that CI was to go in a direction I didn't like. That would be a shame, but my personal needs and wants are not the driving force behind CI. That is the people who actually spend their time developing and creating CI. Of course it is nice that we get to even voice an opinion, but in the end I want the CI team to do what they think is best for CI, because it probably will be right for CI, even if it is not actually the best thing for me.

Best wishes,


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