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Use Parts From Symfony, Laravel etc

(04-15-2015, 05:58 AM)sv3tli0 Wrote:
(04-15-2015, 05:39 AM)dmyers Wrote: I gotcha so pretty much exactly what Taylor did with CodeIgniter to create Laravel 3. Then later decided using everyone else's core components would be better in Laravel 4 and yet again makes name spacing changes in Laravel 5.

I suppose if every PHP framework followed the PHP PSR's there would really be no advantage to choosing X over Y because, at that point they would all be pretty much the same.

What advantage would there be to use CodeIgniter at that point over Laravel?

If we are able to make CI faster and simpler than the other frameworks it will have those important advantages.

Its normal that CI has to be updated with the "current" PHP standards which are including different things. 
Using some PSR which is already in use from another framework has nothing to do with those 2 framework advantages ..

Ya let's not confuse "updating the framework to current PHP best practices" with "Let's put a CI wrapper on 3rd party packages, maybe build a "few" so we can feel good about ourself."

What I find interesting is that everybody is using the same PSR7 style http-foundation & http-kernel for HTTP Request and HTTP Response which is actually pretty slow compared to other frameworks not using it. Lumen seems to have fixed this (haven't had time to deep dive it yet) even thou they are using the same libraries as frameworks they say they are faster than. Slim says Lumen might change there future road map? hm... Silex of course is Symfony light just like Lumen is Laravel light but all 4 use many of the same "core" packages. Slim already said they where switching to a PSR7 compatible library in version 3 - thou they didn't go as far to say the same Symfony package everyone else is using.

Honestly if CodeIgniter is just following Laravel lock step. I'll just put a Laravel wrapper around my CodeIgniter libraries (like everyone else that left CI) and jump ship to lumen.


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