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CI 4.0 Micro-framework?

Lumen is good but its just micro whereas Codeigniter is already a full-stack yet faster. Enabling the right library at the right time  makes the most out of codeiginter's speed and power. Here is one benchmark I could find, https://github.com/kenjis/php-framework-benchmark and yet it shows codeigniter is faster even closer to a "micro framework" slim. As what everybody said, the initial lumen installation is just static without controller view hence its fast.

I think micro frameworks are just a buzz terminology, everyone wants quicker, faster, lighter, but it comes at a compromise with functionality.

CI is one of the lightest and simplest to use framework that packs in almost everything anyone could want. The moment they start following suit with laravel and using things like composer and enforcing namespacing is the moment I drop it. And drop it fast Wink
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Before I decided to plump with CI, I did a lot of investigating. I actually really like and was almost sold on google go's


Which is a native type framework and makes use of some of go's useful paradigms such as concurrency. One of the reason's I decided against it was the maturity of the project. Not mature enough and the not having being able install on all web hosting vendors, I guess a similar issues arise with phalcon. (nb technically they're not frameworks)

These two should really show off the differences between http requests times and puts these other microframeworks to shame.
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I agree to no1youknowz, I can't wait too long with CI4 it maybe a year before the stable version released. and I guest in that time there will be a new technology and we have to upgrade again and again.
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I don't think it's a good idea. In my opinion at the moment CodeIgniter Team and the Community need to focus and concentrate their forces on the full CodeIgniter.
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CodeIgniter and so was always very easy and quick. Some even compared and called CodeIgniter microframework due to its ease and speed. Therefore, in the micro-framework, CodeIgniter does not make sense.

Informally (haven't seen a formal definition), in my eyes, CodeIgniter has always been a micro-framework. :-)

Currently you need to download 1.5 MB zip-archive. Ok, let us assume that some portions of source get stripped and the compressed source of the so-called micro-framework takes about 1MB. What is the point of that. It would be useless burden.

If this would take even a bit of the focus of the dev team I vote no.

My vote's reasons are:
1) I think CI already performs great. I believe that if CI4 will require PHP7 the performance will increase a lot.
2) CI should focus on the majority of the community. If you have a website that is having huge traffic and you can't solve it by caching, upgrading servers or optimizing in any other way then you should go for another framework.
3) The framework is already so light... What could even be taken out that would speed things up? Would we be worried about making theoric tests look better? What performance tests would be done?

I saw something about serving static html? What? Lol Why would you use a framework for that? Just create a html with the framework and then point directly to the HTML file. It sounds a bit silly but maybe I got it wrong...

Anyways... CI4 will be decisive for the future of CI and I think that the previous concept that Elislab started is perfect and should continue without too many distractions and "side projects".

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@Ivo Miranda

>>> I saw something about serving static html? What? Lol Why would you use a framework for that? Just create a html with the framework and then point directly to the HTML file. It sounds a bit silly but maybe I got it wrong...

I am in the process of rewriting an old site which is currently offline and created a free temporary domain using CI4 and using the old database contents.

Here is a link to an old blog post that is now on the temporary site that explains the benefits of using a HTML file.

The pure HTML file can be saved from the CI4's View generated page and think the only drawback is not being able to use sessions. If I am wrong I would be grateful for explanations. The HTML file needs only saving once and a subsequent check to see if the file_exists(...);

This method as far as I can tell is even better than using the CI Caching Library because Ci4 is never loaded if the URL exists.


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