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Practical CodeIgniter 3 - A new book coming soon
(This post was last modified: 04-20-2015, 09:45 PM by kilishan.)

Hey all,

I've started work on a new book for CodeIgniter community - Practical CodeIgniter 3. While I'm just getting started on it, I've got it inked onto the daily schedule to get my 1000 words in. Smile

I'm mainly posting it now, to get your feedback on what topics you would like to see covered that I'm not already touching. I've done many sites over the last 8 years, from small brochure sites to mammoth complex beasts, so I've got a fair amount of experiences to pull from. If I don't know the answers I'll be happy to research it for the book.

The planned table of contents is posted in the description over at  Leanpub. I would love to hear your thoughts on what's missing. Or if there are planned portions that are not needed.

This is not intended to be a repeat of the excellent user guide, and will not cover every aspect of CodeIgniter. Instead, it's geared toward providing practical, usable advice and helping understand more complex subjects.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

[Image: practical_ci3_small.jpg]

there is some books about CI, but CI2x, it is really perfect to have new one for 3x, but one topic is not covered in other books, (maybe not related for CI itself Confused ) but i wish your book contains some parts about a guidance for using CI in small and medium development teams, for example topic title : "right way for using CI in your development team"
CI is nice Heart

Great work man..looking forward to purchase it. Smile

the chapter list looks excellent.

Thanks for the interest, guys. While I don't currently have any chapters devoted to team work, there are a few areas where I will definitely touch on it a bit. A thorough treatise is not in the plans for this though, as it's a bit outside of the topic of the book.

Will you have a chapter on HMVC?

I will be touching on it, but will not devote an entire chapter to it.

Now that I can finally see the list of chapters (I guess leanpub needed some help with load balancing yesterday), some information on setting up and using a debugger/profiler would probably be helpful to a lot of people. While debugging is not really CI-specific, the singleton in CI 3 does mean you sometimes have to dig a little to find what you're looking for.

Chapter 11 would probably be a good place for it; Knuth's adage "premature optimization is the root of all evil" comes to mind.

Great work .. will purchase when it comes out.

Great job KILISHAN:
Can I translate into Brazilian Portuguese.
You just send me your permition and send a chapter at a time!
A big hug, Nogueira

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