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Practical CodeIgniter 3 - A new book coming soon

(This post was last modified: 05-04-2015, 09:36 PM by kilishan.)

Just a quick update that the first chapter is drafted up. It takes a look at the common files types (models, controllers, libraries, etc) and tries to tackle the age-old question, "Where does this file go?" While this chapter is more intended for newer CI users, it does try to give some fresh ideas for those more familiar with CI. To help this all sink in, I go through 2 different projects as examples and look at where those files would go.

I also discuss the use of the built-in Packages, as well as touching on the 2 solutions for handling modules and HMVC in CI 3. I don't go in a lot of detail in this chapter on how to use the modular code, but more of a high-level discussion on when it's helpful, when it's not, and if HVMC (not just modules) is worth it, and when.

The plan is to release the book for initial sale once Chapter 3 is done and I've gone back through and edited the work to that point. I'm thrilled that I've got a very talented developer on board to help me out as a Technical Reviewer. I've always found his answers on here and on the Bonfire forums to be very thorough, well though out and well said. Matt should ensure that my writing is coherent at all times. Smile

And in case anyone is interested in following along, here's the current stats:

Pages: 14
Words: 5,547
An average reader should be able to read it in about 23 minutes.

The second chapter, on Environments, is now done. Getting closer to something that I feel is helpful enough to be worth the money. Smile

In this chapter I give a brief overview of what Environments are, we talk about 3 ways to detect the current environment (including setting things up in both Apache and nginx with environment variables). Then I discuss a number of typical uses for environments, from config files, to routes, autoload files, etc. Also why you should not commit your developer environment config files to your version control software when working in teams.

The plan is to offer the book at a reduced minimum price for a limited time after launch, since you'll be an early bird who is helping this project continue. That price won't stay that low forever, though, so, if you're interested at all, make sure to head over to the Leanpub page and sign up so you'll be notified when it launches.

Oh, yes, current stats:

Pages: 22
Words: 7,436
An average reader should be able to read the entire book in about 31 minutes.

looking good Kilishan. I will deff. be interested in reading it.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage, M5 Inc.

The first 1/2 of the third chapter, Controlling Traffic is done. This part covers Routes:

- their basic uses and extending the core capabilities,
- provides thorough use cases for the reserved routes,
- talks about a simple way to block so-called "Magic Routing" so that the system won't match up routes with controller/method pairs, but only use routes that have been listed
- creating optional wildcards
- custom wildcards to enhance the semantics and readability of your routes
- versioning your routes for use in an API

and more. All without extending or hacking the core class.

Unfortunately, I've had to switch editors since the previous one was inserting hidden characters that messed with LeanPub's conversion process, so I can't give full stats, but this section is an additional 3123 words, bringing the total to around 10,559 words give or take, since some editing has happened on previous chapters.

The next section of this chapter is covering Controllers and Controller tricks. Smile

I will be interested in reading it. When are you planning to finish?

Hoping to have the initial pre-release with the first 3-4 chapters available within a couple of weeks. The full book will probably be finished in 2-3 months. Working on it as fast as I can. Smile

(This post was last modified: 07-07-2015, 09:29 PM by kilishan.)

Sorry for the delay getting back to this. Schedule has been quite hectic. However, we are almost ready for launch. I have the first 5 chapters done, which covers:

- The Introduction
- Where Does This Go? Covers the different file types and when and how they should be used.
- Environments Usage
- Controllers, More Controllers, extending Controllers, and a bit of HMVC discussion
- Views, a Simple Theme Engine, integrating Twig

This is right around 36% complete and covers enough information that I feel it's a good value for an early release product.

For the next week or so, I will be going back over the existing copy and doing some clean up and editing. Need to revise and add some more information to the Where Does This Go? chapter to clear things up a bit.

Then I'll put the initial copy up for sale at a reduced price for the pre-launch. The price will go up with each additional chapter added to the book. If you're interested in the book, I would make sure that you are registered on the mailing list over at LeanPub so that you will be the first to know when it's available and can get the best price on it.

Oh - and the current page count, for those interested, is 69, though I'm sure this will change a bit before launch.

If you need me to review the chapters you've finished, please write me Smile

Can we preorder or stg like that to access the book before the "official" launch?

(07-08-2015, 12:30 AM)Avenirer Wrote: If you need me to review the chapters you've finished, please write me Smile

Thanks for the offer. Smile Already have the excellent Mat Whitney on board as the technical reviewer.

(07-08-2015, 05:49 AM)orionstar Wrote: Can we preorder or stg like that to access the book before the "official" launch?

Kind of. The way things work with LeanPub is that I can release the book in an unfinished state. That's what will be happening in the very near future. Everyone will get updated copies whenever new changes are published for no additional fees, for the lifetime of the book. So, you can get it before the book is done, yes, but not before this upcoming soft launch.

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