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Poll: Redo the website design for CI4?
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[split] Redo website design for CI4?

(This post was last modified: 04-29-2015, 03:27 AM by PaulD.)

I thought I would add some constructive criticism as you have asked for feedback. And I am not opposed to playing with website designs and layouts as a website should always be in a process of ongoing continuous improvement.

(ps Feedback based on look of your design on a pc screen - first load with no scrolling)

Top Left quadrant:
The most important. On your design is just half of a starry sky. A waste of the most important part of the first view of a page.

Bottom right quadrant:
The second most important part. Depending on the height of your monitor but is probably an image of some random code. Again useless and a waste of the second most important part. Call to actions should be here.

Page Content:

Three 'slogan' spaces.
'A new start a new colour'
'The framework for everyone'
'A tool built for the job'.
I know these are just placeholders, but there should be one message/slogan space.

Learning resources on homepage?
Why? You assume that your visitor is here for an introductory lesson. On what basis?

Codeigniter is not about design - no need for this. Could be a category in the forum perhaps.

There is not one and would only confuse where conversations should happen. Stick to the forum.


Remove starry sky image placeholder completely.
Now the text block is where it should be, top left quadrant.

Replace code image
Replace code image with four button block nav dropping Blog and Showcase.

Change nav block
Bottom left: Quick links to new forum topics perhaps.
Bottom Right: Download now -> big button to download zip file, or whatever.

I hope that helps. The problem (and beauty of) design is that ask four designers and you will get four different opinions of course. (Sorry to double post.)


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