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CSRF giving problem with ajax

I’ve got a issue here, i keep getting a error when i try to post something with ajax (POST). I know it is the CSRF that gives me these problems and I’ve been tried back and forth trying to find a solution. However, i hope somebody here can help me out!

This is the error i keep getting (from google chrome inspector),

*Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) XHR finished loading: "http://localhost/woho/ajax/images".*

PHP (Controller)

class Ajax extends CI_Controller {

function images() {

echo 'Hello World';



var ID = $(".imageWrap:last").attr("id");
var baseurl = "http://localhost/woho/";
var doScroll = 1;
var cct = $.cookie('csrf_cookie_name');

if (location.href == baseurl) {
if ($(window).scrollTop() > $('body').height() / 2) {
if(doScroll == 1) {
$.post(baseurl + 'ajax/images',{'id' : ID, 'csrf_token_name': cct}, function(data) {
my CCT var from javascript gives me the correct token or "hash" but when the javascript sends the ajax request codeigniter returns an error like,

An Error Was Encountered The action you have requested is not allowed.

How can i fix this? do i need to validate the CSRF Token or something in my controller?

I'm using Codeigniter 2.0.3

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