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add an ID automatically to URL

i am working on a simple content management system, i have a menu that contains urls and any needed task (controllers), like :

ID title url permission parent_id ....
1 home / any 0
2 login /user/login unauthenticated 0
10 task1 /controller/task1 any 0
11 task2 /controller/task2 any 0
12 task2_alt /controller/task2 any 0

my problem is :how i can add page_id or menu_id to url using routes so in every get that id?

i want to use that id in my template class for adding widgets to page, ex. in menu_id : 11 i have widget_a , and in menu_id : 12 widget_a and widget_3

in face controller/task2 is same in two menu_item but page_id of them id different,

i need something like this in routes :
user type "site/ index.php/ 12/ controller/ task2/ bluh/ bluh" that 12 is a number (id of menu_id)
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i think it can be done in better way : new table that contains slugs for menu items :

table menu items :

ID     title            url                permission                parent_id  
0       home         /default          any                          0
1       login          /users/login    unauthenticatd          0
2       logout        /users/logout  authenticated            0


table menu slugs :

ID          id_menu                    slug        
x           0                               home-page
x           0                               default-page
x           1                               login-page
x           2                               logout-me

in this case when user types one of this URLs, must be routes to /default controller :

i think joomla uses same way (i think) , now my problem is " how i can get this rules from database and add them to config/routes.php dynamically at runtime,?
$route['home-page'] = 'default';
$route['default-page'] = 'default';
i use wiredesignz / codeigniter-modular-extensions-hmvc in my application,
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It seems like your situation can be solved in a different manner.

Thanks to the HMVC extension you use, controllers can be called programmatically. You know, this way:
PHP Code:
Modules::run('module/controller/method'$param, $...); 

So you can route all the requests to some dedicated controller by putting
PHP Code:
$route['.*'] = 'router_controller/method'
into config/routes.php.

In that controller you can handle the requests any way you want by writing logic for specific cases you have.

Hope this will help.

your solution really helped me Smile tank you codinghamster, in fact i want to add ability to use widgets in my application, it needs to know witch page is displayed for user, menu_id is one way (like joomla cms), but i think it is possible to use alias names for menu items ( and any task / url ) and find menu_id by using that alias name,

your post is helpful, i get it Wink , but is it possible to use an controller/method in module as rooter method? like

$route['page/.*'] = 'site_core_module/router_controller/route_method';

in this way i can pack site_core controllers/... in separated module,
now i use a controller in application/router_controller/route_method.
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Sure. Nothing stops you of doing this. It'll work like a charm Wink

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