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Code ignator 2.2.0 version working fine in Xampp. But failed to load in server

Please help on this.

In order to help you we need atleast some information. How do you expect us to assist you if you don't even make an effort to explained what the differences are beween the both environments and what kind of error you receive in the production server?

Depending on the actual errors, there could be many reasons for this:
- files aren't named with the proper case (usually uppercase first letter, lowercase for the rest), especially when developing in Windows, because Windows filesystems are typically case-insensitive, but the server is likely running a case-sensitive filesystem (since most filesystems for most other operating systems are case-sensitive, and most servers run Linux).
- .htaccess is ignored in some server configurations, or the settings need to be changed based on server software/version/configuration.
- you may need to adjust some configuration values in the /application/config/ files based on your server environment.

I think for us new users we always have this issue 404 page not found error especially while migrating from our local machine to the live server. The reason could be any one or all mentioned by mwhitney. I also had this issue and after a lot of checking and rechecking I found out that the problem was with the .htaccess file. Maybe you should check yours as well.

we would need more details on the error(s)/problem than just a simple: works on local server but not on live server.
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