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68kb, automatic image


I´m using this software, 68kb, http://68kb.com/

I´n articles the image is linked as an attachment but i rather would like it to show directly in the article.


A big plus is if the image could show up Before the headline Hygrophila Polysperma.

Where do I change these settings?

Not in the CodeIgniter forum, that's for sure ...

You can't just ask a question that is in no way related to what the forum is about - 9 times out of 10, nobody will know the answer; that's in addition to it being annoying. Seek a place/community that at least know what "68kb" is and ask your question there.

Right! That software is not codeigniter. However, maybe some of members here have use same software as Triad though it is better to brought his problem on that software on the appropriate forum.

Atleast the software is build on codeigniter (1.7.2). Keep in mind that this is software that has not been updates in 5 years, I have no idea about any known security issues with 1.7.2 but for the 2.x version of CI there have been security fixes.

A very quick look at the github page suggests that you may want to have a closer look at /themes/front/default/article.php, thats probably the file you need to edit.

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