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Codeigniter has re-ignighted my love for developing

I started coding in the early 80's on my Sinclair ZX81 the on to a Sinclair QL, where I started to do my first bits of serious coding, on what was then, a powerful personal computer. I went into the IT industry not as a programmer but an IBM main frame (sys370's) operator.

For the last 5 years or so, I have been running my own web development company, using Dreamweaver and other 'industry standard' applications. But even as Dreamweaver became more competent in version 8 and CS2, I was always running into things that seemed unnecessarily restrictive.

Just lately I have spent a lot of time with two popular open-source CMSes, Joomla and Drupal. Drupal seems very powerful, but both are very restrictive. I was coming across sittuations that seemed so difficult to achieve, yet in straight forward HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL, I could have done the same thing in 15 minutes, and when you come across this situation often, wasted time adds up.

Then I started to look at the various frameworks that around, in order to search for more power and yet have more freedom, was there such a thing? You bet, I looked at 3 popular PHP frameworks and opted to try Codeigniter. It didn't take long before I found the freedom I was looking for, POWER and FREEDOM, fantastic. Codeigniter REALLY has re-ignighted my passion for coding, and I'm gonna build my first site with it soon. Thanks Codeigniter developers.

welcome to Ci, hope you keep having a good time Smile

see ya around.

[quote author="sikkle" date="1203534339"]welcome to Ci, hope you keep having a good time Smile[/quote]

Thanks sikkle.

I just thought I'd share my positive experience of Ci with others and the journey that led me here, albeit very briefly summerised.

I wonder if others have such a tale to share? I'd love to read them. Smile

You pretty much list the reasons people choose to use CI. Powerful and freedom. Most other freedoms tend to do too much to the point that you feel you lose control. Another great aspect of MVC in general is no more spaghetti code. Php is often the first step into web development for many people and when you don't know about MVC your code will soon look like spaghetti. CI and other frameworks tackle that problem.

ci is just brilliant. it gives you the ability to start directly with "real coding" and protects you from boring general stuff. also makes a lot of thinks easier and comes with an mvc implementation.

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