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windows 10

What is people's opinion of windows 10. Do you develop web apps on windows/ mac or linux?

What is your preferred choice, or do you have virtual machines to test compatibility?
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Until Windows doesn't have a real working Terminal (not their cmd) this will be their biggest minus.
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Ubuntu 15.04 here.

Ubuntu 14.04 here Big Grin

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Nice to see linux users here.

I'm using mac yeosemite for my primary development OS with virtual box to test windows (crap) Wink

But for linux I've definitely settled for elementaryos. It's much more lightweight than ubuntu and in my opinion is a lot prettier.


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Raspbian on raspberry pi b+
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Still waiting my my upgrades to windows 10.

Personally I cannot wait to see the new 'Edge' (or Spartan or whatever its called) browser for myself.

Currently a windows 8.1 user which for me has been fantastic. I will miss the full page start menu which I thought was fabulous, although I realize most people seem to not like for some reason, and believe is gone in 10.

My 8.1 PC has been operationally flawless :-)

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All of my dev machines are running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. In the past I was a Windows user, and really accomplished a lot using XAMPP and WAMP, but now prefer Linux as it is the native environment of most production environments. I don't have to wonder if something is going to break because I forgot about a permissions issue or something.

Because 95% of the work I do is development and not design, all of the programs I need are available on Linux. When I do design work and need Photoshop and Illustrator, I just fire up Windows 7 in Virtualbox. I rarely see Windows.

Ubuntu and Linux has a little learning experience associated with getting started, but if you stick with it and get comfy on the command line, you won't ever go back to Windows.

I'm no fan of Mac computers, although I have one for testing. Because of the command line being very similar to Linux, I would use a Mac before going back to Windows. I think I just vomitted in my mouth a little, LOL.

I'm using Windows 10 and develop on it (running WAMP).

It's been great - works same as Win 8.1 did, but it feels a lot more polished.

@PaulD, Edge browsers is definitely a huge improvement on IE and feels modern and clean. I still use FF or Chrome though, but it seems like a good browser. The Developer Tools are still very average though.

@skunkbad I have a similar experience.

I used to use windows a lot but then I started trying out a variety of different flavours of linux. I must admit at first it was a real pain, I just couldn't understand how difficult it was to get something working. Now I appreciate the inner workings and its security.

I never thought I'd own a mac, because I thought they were overpriced, but my love for the unix environment eventually spurred me to buy a reasonably cheap mac mini and hook it up to a standard monitor and I've never looked back. Why? Because mac supports all those good bits of software like, photoshop, illustrator and indesign, which quite frankly doesn't have a good alternative in linux.

After testing many linux distros, I kinda stuck with ubuntu for a few years as that was the go to distro of choice for the masses. But recently, I was unimpressed with unity and the resources it used. So searching a lot I stumbled across elementaryos, and I was immediately drawn to its low resources and super polished interface, almost competing with mac.

Like I said, I would probably use linux 100% if it wasn't for photoshop and illustrator needs- the creative cloud is a real rip off in my opinion.

Now in terms of windows I do have window 8.1 available for testing in a virtualbox. It's mainly for internet explorer, and I can't say I'm too enthused about Edge, windows internet explorer has left such a bad taste in any web developers mouth it is hard to imagine their new browser to be any different - other than compromising the standards and enforcing their own.

All in all, I've also read microsoft are enforcing updates in windows 10, as in there isn't an opt out choice. This just really irritates me. I've also become really averse to using frameworks/vms like dotnet and java over time.

It would be interesting to hear others share their stories.
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