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RA_Session - Version 2.3 Updated

Finally got to updating it again.

* Native PHP Session library
* including two main features
* Persistant Login (Able to set the session length on a per session basis)
* Remember Me (Set 1 variable to remember, normally a username)

* Update-Log
* Version 2.1
* Session expiry is renewed each time a new page is loaded (Reduces the need for a regnerate session function to be run)
* Cookie for persistant session now reflects your base session name with _persist
* Code was cleaned up (there were a few 1=1 statements)
* Productive comments Added
* Less coffee was drank - although was not completed remove. I make no warrenty against coffee stains found in this code

Everything I'm doing with RA_Session is to be compatible with my RA_Auth library, more to come on that later.

Biggest BONUS with this version is that the session cookie now automatically updates it's expiry time on each page load.


Looking sweet as - one thing you need so I can convert is flashdata!

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
this would be great with flashdata...


Okay okay okay. lol - I'll do a nasty little hack and get it together for you. You both will have to test it though - I don't have any applications that have a use for it at this stage....

You will once you start using it Tongue

Just don't forget to 'sweep' Wink

Go for gold guys - V2.2 has the same flash functions as the native session library that comes with CI.

It was a simple drag/drop code copy - the functions use set_userdata which encodes data into the session as required etc.

Let me know how you go guys Smile

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
make sure you give credit though

[quote author="jTaby" date="1203624330"]make sure you give credit though[/quote]
Duly noted and actioned (Reinforced that the FLASHDATA code is not my own, taken direct from CI)

Love the library, particularly the persistent sessions, however if I set session data using $this->ra_session->set_userdata(array('user_id'=> 1)

calling any of the functions to clear this data doesn't seem to work

in my logout function i have:


but even after successfully calling this function, the userdata is still assigned and the cookie still exists...am I just being a numpty and missing something?

I've probably missed something.

Joe thank you for your time to look at this. I'll investigate now and see what's happening. Will be back shortly with a response.


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