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Proper Process?

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Hi guys,

Do you follow the proper process in software development.
Like using E.R. and then OOAD ?

If you ask me, I'm trying to follow now.
How about you guys?

Thanks in advance.

OOAD sounds like a PITA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-ori...and_design

However, I completely appreciate the use of methodologies and design patterns to produce much better final results. So for me, no, I don't really use any particular process, but then again, my biggest project might only involve three or four people.

I do try to spend as much time as possible planning, thinking about, sketching out, modelling and mocking up new projects as in the long run I have found this saves an incredible amount of time. Until of course the customer says, oh, I forgot to mention, can it do this as well please, a week before launch!

Best wishes,


I try to follow good software development practices, but I code by myself, not as part of a team, so it's hard to discipline yourself.

The thing about OOAD is that it's not just a translation from procedural/structured coding. At first it looks like classes are libraries, and the class methods are the functions in the library. It's just like "regular" programming! But it's not. That much I understand. But exactly what OOAD is, I confess I understand much less.

For example, I was working on a PHP script, to put a survey form on the screen, let people fill it out, and save the results to running file, not even using a database. The whole thing was just 500 lines, but I set up a "Survey" class file, and in it I set up methods to render the form, to validate the form, to write the results to the file, etc.

But then someone told me, oh, no, you're doing it wrong!™ You should have a render class, a validate class, a writer class, etc., and then you send the survey object around as needed.

And I'm sure they were right, but for something as small and with such a low probability of ever scaling, it didn't make sense to build such a complex scaffolding. So I didn't.
Hey, don't work without a PHP debugger. Several free IDEs have this features built in. Two are NetBeans and CodeLobster. Without a debugger, it's like you're driving with a blindfold on -- you are going to crash!

OOAD is an acronym for a general term covering analysis, design, development, (testing, debugging,) and maintenance of object oriented software. That's why that wikipedia link includes a huge pile of links in the sidebar, some from conflicting schools of thought on the matter, and the "Standards and BOKs" section of the sidebar links to groups of standards rather than specific standards.

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