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Tendoo CMS: A tweak to get the latest release

(This post was last modified: 12-07-2015, 05:31 AM by Blair2004.)

So, you have updated to the latest release, buy want to test out feature being added ? No problem, we'll cover it now.

1. Force 3.0 branch zip download

Access your dashboard and get to this location "dashboard >Update Center".

When you're there, just add this at the end of the url "/download/3.0" in order to make such URL http://example.com/index.php/dashboard/update/download/3.0. Submit the url and wait the next screen.

This will 3.0 branch zip from Github. You'll see the next screen.

[Image: ec96a2d4-ea91-4175-b256-ebe59aebc069.png]

2. Extract Downloaded zip

When you see this JSON code "{"code":"archive-downloaded"}" you'll be able to extract this zip. now chance the URL address to "/extract" in order to have such url http://example.com/index.php/update/extract

Then you'll probably see this screen :

[Image: f1a4568d-3fa9-46b8-9a3d-0730e5b2e45f.png]

3. Install this release

This is the latest point. All you have to do, is changing "extract" slug by "install", in order to have such URL "http://example.com/index.php/update/install".

you'll see this screen :

[Image: abcc3de1-8590-415d-8d49-c33523d7a3ee.png]

Yeay !!! now just go back to the dashboard, it's ALL right !!!
NexoPOS 2.6.2 available on CodeCanyon.

Can your list all libraries used in your CMS.
KeepĀ calm.

what for this cms ? sorry i don't follow your update, please any link


read this in order to understand what i'm talking about. Wink

NexoPOS 2.6.2 available on CodeCanyon.

New install error ver 3.0.1

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

@HTLove i saw that for this new module the error the call of the class "Module" who doesn't exist, it's a mistake the real class name is "Modules" with "s" at the end Wink

Fixed Wink https://github.com/Blair2004/tendoo-cms/...497cb623d5
NexoPOS 2.6.2 available on CodeCanyon.

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