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So I've asked this question before, and I've just gotten around to properly playing with php templating with codeigniter, (twig seems to be the best)

Whilst I do like the syntax, it still seems a bit iffy and somewhat restrictive. I just can't seem to make a decision on whether or not I want to use it in my CMS to build on the same functionality expression engine has. It just seems like you have to set up a lot of rules specifically to do certain things. And seems way more restrictive than vanilla php.

Who here has worked extensively with templating engines?
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Hi guys, I gave in to all the hype and decided to plump for templating with twig. This is going to encompass the enterprise version of ignitedcms which will give developers much more flexibility when writing their own backend and view files much like expression engine.

If anyone has any thoughts to add feel free to post them here.
Practical guide to IgnitedCMS - Book coming soon, www.ignitedcms.com


I have always avoided template engines. Although, of course, using a system already developed can include functionality that is either difficult to do or easy to overlook. I have found that any advantage gained in people being familiar with how it works can often be outweighed by all the people used to working with alternatives or in different ways.

Even the best templating engines I have used in the past always seemed so much overkill that in the end I found it easier to do it myself, or do it specifically for whatever project I was working on.

Having said all that, I have just had a read about twig and it does look pretty good. I especially like the sandbox environment. As you said, there are plenty of people raving about it.

I would be really interested to read your thoughts on it after you have worked with it for a while and if you would recommend giving it a go to other CI people.

Good luck and best wishes,


My thoughts so far is once you get used to the syntax you wonder how you did without it. The other benefit is it restricts vanilla php which users could possibly mis-use accidentally.

I'm building a dynamic content backend manager and it really makes front end templating a breeze. Once I have finished the beta stages I will release a test build of course, free to the public licensed under MIT.
Practical guide to IgnitedCMS - Book coming soon, www.ignitedcms.com

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