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Painful Problem CI-3.0.1: register_long_arrays


function _error_handler.

$is_error = (((E_ERROR | E_COMPILE_ERROR | E_CORE_ERROR | E_USER_ERROR) & $severity) === $severity);

// When an error occurred, set the status header to '500 Internal Server Error'
// to indicate to the client something went wrong.
// This can't be done within the $_error->show_php_error method because
// it is only called when the display_errors flag is set (which isn't usually
// the case in a production environment) or when errors are ignored because
// they are above the error_reporting threshold.
if ($is_error)
echo $severity . "<br>";
echo $message . "<br>";
echo $filepath . "<br>";
echo $line . "<br>";


Directive 'register_long_arrays' is no longer available in PHP

And because of that set_status_header(500); return Status Code: 500 to my AJAX and the page do not render. And i was thinking the problem was in my nginx proxy. If I comment set_status_header(500); the page loads like a charm.

The problem is: i didn't find yet what is generating the register_long_arrays error. However now I know how to workaround it.

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