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DRY Base Controler


I am playing around with Ion Auth library.
I came across an article from Kyle Noland explaining how to set up base controller performing the identity check.
This was based on Phil Sturgeon article CodeIgniter Base Classes: Keeping it DRY.

It did not work for me: the Secure_Controller would not load, I was getting an error stating it wasn't found !
I had to move the Secure_Controller class declaration to the application/core/My_Controller.php file.

I believe using Base Controller is a fairly common setup: has anyone managed to get this working (without putting all the classes in the MY_Controller.php file) ?

(This is not an Ion Auth problem, this is a loading base controller problem).

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You need to add this autoloader to your ./application/config.php file:

PHP Code:
| Autoloader function
| @author Brendan Rehman
| @param $class_name
| @return void
function __autoloader($class_name)
// class directories
$directories = array(
APPPATH 'core/',
// add more autoloading folders here… and you’re done.

// for each directory
foreach ($directories as $directory)
// see if the file exsists
if (file_exists($directory.$class_name '.php'))
$directory.$class_name '.php');
// only require the class once, so quit after to save effort (if you got more, then name them something else



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Thanks, that did the trick !

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