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Getting _POST content from rich text editor

Hi guys,

At the moment I'm get the _POST data from a rich text box by creating a hidden text input and on submit using javascript to write the contents into the hidden text input.

But I was wondering is there anyway do get the _post contents without javascript. Or what is best practice.

I'm building a dynamic form builder so I want to make this as extendable as possible.

Thanks in advance.
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I guess you are limited by the RTE. Normally RTEs will create a hidden textarea html element, and its JS will automatically input HTML code into it, as you write in the RTE.

Thanks, I found a solution using dynamic jquery. I guess you can't get _POST values from a RTE. Just had to ask the question in case I missed something. Smile
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I sometimes use Markitup, and it just uses JavaScript and CSS to build the editor around the textarea(s) I specify in my script, so I still access my content through the textarea. If JavaScript is disabled, the user just sees the textarea, so they can still use the form, though they don't get the benefits of the Markitup editor.

Whatever RTE you are using may have similar capabilities, it probably just depends on configuration and the method used to build the editor on the page.

Have you tried CKEditor?

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(10-30-2015, 04:47 AM)Martin7483 Wrote: Have you tried CKEditor?

God no, CKEditor is just too abrasive, I'm quite happy with my own home grown RTE patented editor, which is really just a mod of


And I'm using a hidden div to store the value input and save with javascript.

The only other reasonably decent opensource editor is probably summernote (but relies too much on bootstrap 3) or quill.js, which my current setup is not compatible with.
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A bit off topic but:

I have been using summernote recently as it produces (sort of) nicer HTML output. I cannot understand why so many make such a mess of it (even summernote), surely it cannot be that hard. And FCK editor has become a monstrosity - used to use but would not touch it now.
(Edit: That is entirely unfair and probably completely out of date opinion - sorry.)

Do you fancy sharing your version of an RTE? Is it standalone enough to share or tied in tightly with your CMS?

Is that a cheeky request :-o


I have no problems using CKEditor. What are the issues you all have with it?

You are right and I take that back. CKEditor is a great editor and it does what it says it does reliably and without errors. I have edited previous comment. I am probably personally still jaded by the bug ridden and clumsy FCKeditor when I think of CK. They should have gone for a complete rename. As I am just about to try out some other RTE's other than summernote I will give CK another go. I am sure it has come on a long way since I last used it.

Best wishes,


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My issue with CKeditor is that it is a monster. It tries to do all things to all men, and sometimes you want something lightweight and easier to customise. This is not necessarily an issue and can be seen as an advantage. The UI looks pretty horrendous as well, although yes it can be restyled.

Summernote isn't bad, and quill.js is probably the best one I've found in my opinion. Not too far away from redactor, although that is a premium one.

The other thing I find annoying is letting people upload an image and getting them to resize and play around with it in a rich text editor. It just never works, which is why I don't even include that option in the rich text editor. I just let the end user pick an upload field, and then it is up to the template design to render how that image looks. Works much better.

@paul the rich text is tied into the cms somewhat but ultimately is it just bootstrap-wysiwyg.

Nothing special.
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