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What do you do to relax /hobbies

DJ-ing, just mixing any type of EDM that i'm in the mood for at that time.
Spending time with my wife and daughters and follwoing way to many tv shows Tongue

working out for the most part, good to get away from the screen

I love to watch tv with my family, watch videos that are educational, to learn something new

I mostly end up watching shows on Netflix or checking out new animes.

Current watch list is:
- all the new MArvel shows on Disney+
- The Handmaid's Tale
- Barakamon
- MHA the new season

Watching movies on a language I want to learn and reading books also on other languages.

I like reading book, watching movies and my most favorite hobby is collecting perfume bottles.

Book movies insta
Enlightenment  Is  Freedom

Hi, enjoy my daughter, son and wife.

Playing video games, mostly World of warcraft classic.

For me, I love to gossip with other people and also love to read ghost stories in my leisure time. Besides, I also love surfing on the Internet as well.

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I love playing the piano. The only annoying part is starting a new piece and thinking that it's impossible. The piano also opened me to the whole world of classical music (company making jingles), which is quite amazing actually.


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