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Front end CRUD builders

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Hi guys,

I have two more questions for the weekend. I was just wondering about building a front end crud generator using dbforge. But I was honestly wondering how useful this would be given you are opening a controller to have write access to your database.

And creating a new table via phpmyadmin, isn't really all that difficult. Can I have a list of the pros and cons for those that have implemented front end crud builders and whether it was worth it in the long run?
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You can add this project:

See readme and try is to easy not require console not require phpadmin not require dbforge only YML sintax and run schema

Generally, my biggest pro on a CRUD-builder is that I can generate Migrations which I can run at will to add/remove/modify tables. Then I can disable the builder in production and migrate the migration files when they've been fully tested. However, I haven't really found code generation that useful, since I can usually copy most of the necessary code from elsewhere in my project and make the required changes quickly enough.

I don't use phpmyadmin at all. If I need to mess with the database directly, I use MySQL Workbench, and anything else related to managing any of my servers is usually done by hand (and Bonfire provides some simple utilities for verifying the configuration of the site).

Hi mwhiteny,

Sorry I haven't replied but thanks for your input. Useful as always. Yeah, I kinda came to the same conclusion about their usefulness.

It seems really only useful to maybe noob devs or allowing your front end users some sort of customization and even then it is much better handled through a html front end which sanitises and ensures a normalised type table is created.

So long story short, I'm going to avoid using a front end crud builder.
Practical guide to IgnitedCMS - Book coming soon, www.ignitedcms.com

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