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Acknowledging Contributors

I think part of the reason he asked may be that the list on codeigniter.com is slightly different from the list displayed when you go to the GitHub graph page, especially the order in which people are listed. It's also not clear what is indicated by the stars.

While some of this could be explained by the results being cached (ideally both by GitHub and the CodeIgniter website), many of the top 10 contributors have not had (m)any commits to the repo in the last couple of years, so it seems unlikely the order of #3/4, 5/6, and 7/8/9 would be swapped based on caching the data. As much work as Phil Sturgeon has done in the PHP community, I don't think it's very likely that he doubled the number of commits he made to CodeIgniter overnight, almost 2 years after vocally parting ways with the framework.

You are right, I did not look carefully enough.

If you really must know, one of those people is a personal friend of mine for whom I know he can barely contribute spacing and comment alternations, and it's just bizzare that he's on the list. Others' presence seems strange either because I don't recognize their username (and I really should, having reviewed all pull requests for the past few years), or because I remember them for being so irritatingly clueless that I'd never ever imagine them being top anything.

No disrespect to any of them, and I don't really mind the list. It just seemed strange and hence I wanted to know what the criteria is. No need to blow it out of proportions.
At the end of the day, it's just a simple algorithm and I guess that's just who our contributors are - a few frequent/high-volume ones and a lot small-time ones that can swap places any day.

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If you look at the list on GitHub, the number of commits falls off pretty quickly (down to double digits at #9, below 50 at #12, and below 30 at #19), and the amount of code changed can be significantly different for the same number of commits.

I just found the order a little odd in the areas where I really don't expect people to change places frequently. I think it can be beneficial to have the list showing people with fewer commits in the sense that it might inspire more contributions, but I don't have much to say about where the line should be drawn.

Honestly, on the Bonfire repo I've only recently become the #2 contributor, and many of the names I recognize as valuable contributors in the last couple of years are much lower on the list than I would have expected. Perhaps some of that is simply because some of their most valuable contributions were in the discussion of issues/pull requests, or we decided to take a slightly different approach and didn't use their commits for some changes.

I'm surprised to see myself in the top 100 (barely, probably gone tomorrow) for the CodeIgniter repo, as changing the CI code is usually my last choice when I'm trying to figure out how to get something done.

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I can see that CodeIgniter has been registered in this tracking service:

This is the list of contributors there. The field "Sort by:" gives options for customization.

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Maybe specific Contibutors for CodeIgniter version... version CI2 or CI3
My bad, my english 10:32 AM

(10-29-2015, 10:58 AM)ardhie1032 Wrote: Maybe specific Contibutors for CodeIgniter version... version CI2 or CI3

As far as I know, the list of contributors is for a repository, not for a version or release inside it, so we can't break down contributions between CI2 and CI3. CI4 will have its own repository, so that won't be an issue for it.
James Parry
Project Lead

Also, CI3 is a "fork" of CI2, so separate contributors list doesn't make sense ... it's a continuous effort.

Rolleyes okey!

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