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Does it matter share host or cloud host?


I want to purchase a host for my web application which is written in codeigniter.
I don't know should i purchase Share HOST or Cloud HOST. So far i was using Share Host and i don't have experience in cloud host.

What is important to me:
1- Loading Speed.
2- Compatible with CodeIgniter 3 to get the best result.
3- Ability of host panel. also easy to use

What i have on my web application:
1- online payment (paypal)
2- user control panel

Thanks for your advice.

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Finding a good host is like finding a seam of gold, enjoy it while it lasts :-)

Hosts change and service changes. If I tell you who my host is and how good they are, someone will immediately say how rubbish they are and what bad service they had. It seems we all have a tale to tell about hosting companies.

Loading Speed
This will ba a combination of your web host server speed and how complex or well coded your website is. The latter is usually the culprit here though since bandwidth and server speeds are usually far better than our coding ability.

Compatible with CodeIgniter 3
I imagine that the vast majority of web hosts are compatible with CI3, since CI3 has been created to be as widely usable as possible across most common hosting environments.

Host Cpanel
Well these differ wildly at times. You would just have to try it out and see it suited you or not.

Your paypal and user CP parts of your site are perfectly normal and again any host will do.

Cloud hosting or not?
Does it matter - yes and no.
It was a massive leap forward for hosting reliability and expandability but not much actually changed for the user. The term 'Cloud Based' is pretty much the norm now for meaning online.
Are there still web hosting services that are not cloud based? Cloud based just means that you are not tied to a particular machine. Again, you should ask if it really matters to you or not. (I suspect that it would not, until it did, and then it would.) For instance if you had a fantastic, feature rich service that was fast and 100% reliable, but not cloud based, would it matter? However if you had a buggy, intermittent expensive cloud based service, would the fact it was cloud based be the important part here?

So in summary, you are not asking for much in your demands (CI compatible, Good CPanel, fast). My advice would be to start with a cheap shared hosting, expect to swap and change until finding that seam of gold, then upgrade as needed to more expensive hosting like premium hosting, virtual private servers, hybrid servers, dedicated servers etc.

Hope that helps,

Best wishes


Thanks for reply, Paul.

Actually I'm thinking if thousand(or much more) users be online on my web app and they do some actions(in a short period of time), what will happen?
That is very important to me.

I heard about 'Carousel.com' website(if you be familiar with that) that they were using DigitalOcean as a cloud hosting and they got some issue about multiple users action(Im not sure how much this news is true). another hand I'm hearing a lot about this issue on shared hosting.

About the compatibility of host with CI3:
i can see 90% of the hosting offers the plans for Wordpress, Ruby, python. but i couldn't see any anything about CI !


No, it probably would not be mentioned. You just need all the basics, php, database etc. There are not any especially demanding requirements.

As for a large user base for your web app, you should probably using a VPS of some sort, where you can control the amount of RAM allocated to you. I am not a hosting expert but have you tried Amazon, they offer high level services at a great price and are one of the very big boys in hosting.

As for issues, every host has issues and you will hear all sorts of tales of woe from disgruntled people, along side comments about how excellent they are. It seems to me that everyone likes to blame their host when it is not the hosts fault, or blame the host when things do go wrong, or blame the host for things that have nothing to do with the host, but hardly ever give credit when the host is performing perfectly.

It is a bit like electricity supply, we all take it for granted, but one single power cut and we are all up in arms about the end of the world and how could they let this happen.

I have great sympathy for the hosts job. I also think they have come a long way in service and the prices are crazy low these days.

Just make sure that when you build your site, you buid it with moving hosts in mind, so if you have to, it is not a big issue to do so.

Any way, good luck. Let us know who you decide to go with....

Best wishes,


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