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How to manage dates on an auto refreshing demo site


Yes, the demo site database is wiped hourly. I use a text file with sql insert statements as posted earlier to read line by line and reinsert the data, replacing all the user generated test data on the demo site.

Live site -> with user generated data
Demo site -> Test data, wiped hourly
Test/Development site -> Uses Test data too, wiped when needed

The test site is used to generate new test data for the demo site when developments are implemented. That is done simply by exporting the sql to a text file (sample was posted earlier).

Since I am just reading the file line by line as a string, which I am then running through a query, I cannot change the contents of the dates fields. Except by string operations like finds and replaces, and even that is going to be complicated by the fact that the dates are not all one date, but a spread over 2-3 months or so. Some inserts will have no dates, other inserts will have multiple date fields, and some insert strings have hundreds of rows they insert.

There are tons of tables so I do not want to write separate code for every table, especially since these table structures may well change during development.

Muuuueeegghhhh :-(

What a mess I seem to have got myself into.

I cannot see there being an easy answer to this.

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